The Benefits of CBN for Helping You Sleep Well
July 21, 2021
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The Benefits of CBN for helping You Sleep Well

One of the most recent sleep remedies being used is CBN, or cannabinol. This is a chemical found within the cannabis plant that lacks THC, or the psychoactive chemical associated with cannabis. CBN, while not psychoactive, has been found to be more of a sedative than CBD, another cannabis compound. CBD is used for relieving aches, supporting mental clarity, and promoting balance, among other things. CBN, in contrast, has been found to be most effective for helping to establish productive sleep patterns and higher quality sleeping for individuals. The research is still ongoing for CBN’s benefits, but it has shown many significant sedative properties. Through in-depth surveys, CBN sleep aid capsules were found to help individuals sleep better and have a higher quality sleep.

While there are effective natural sleep aids such as melatonin or chamomile, they can both cause unwanted side effects, such as grogginess or delayed drowsiness. Additionally, taking a natural substance like melatonin, causes your body to become dependent on external sources of melatonin, instead of the melatonin your body makes naturally. Due to this, it can be harder to fall asleep without taking melatonin. CBN, in contrast, is not naturally produced by your body, so your body does not become dependent on it like melatonin. Your body does have receptors for taking in compounds like CBN. These receptors, called endocannabinoids, make CBN more effective as a sleep aid for your body.

CBN can be taken in multiple ways, but CBN sleep aid capsules are the easiest to take. They are easy to swallow and completely tasteless. If you’re interested in learning more about our CBN sleep aid capsules and how they promote higher quality sleeping, contact Verda Hemp to learn more.

After seeing the multiple benefits that a wide variety of people have enjoyed from this plant, founders Vince Williamson and Derek Shields were moved to learn more about how they could get involved. With professional experience in contracting, Vince used his resources to obtain the proper permits in the community to find local farmers, farm land, and begin the process. Derek has been growing hemp and working with CBD since 2012. While working with different strains, he found that each one, with its ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes, has it’s own unique healing properties. This is why Verda cultivates a variety of strains to benefit a wide range of symptoms. After suffering from a shoulder injury resulting in a replacement surgery, Vince made the decision to do without prescription pain medication and found that CBD was a successful replacement. He experienced a pain-free healing process during a time that was understood to be a relatively difficult recovery. Post-recovery, Vince’s continued testimony includes pain relief in several pain areas due to previous sports injuries. Both Vince and Derek are inspired to share the healing benefits, profitability, and culture of CBD/Hemp oil through Verda.

Our Mission & Vision

Ultimately, we want to help! Our mission began by educating farmers to grow a profitable and organic CBD crop. We want to empower farmers to grow this crop while bringing prosperity and income back to the agricultural communities in America and directly to the individual farmer. As we are facilitating farmers on how to make money growing the nation’s newest, most lucrative cash crop- we are focused on communication, understanding, and providing products to CBD users. Our vision is to allow farmers to produce CBD while educating the community and the country on the benefits of CBD in the production, the sale, and the usage.

Defining Hemp

Hemp is a natural compound that is compatible with the endocannabinoid system in the human brain. Hemp can provide medicinal benefits without the reverse side effects we experience through prescription drugs. Acting as a natural healer, hemp may be used to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, act as a sleep and relaxation aid, and provide relief as an anti-inflammatory.